RG in NYC: Bite Beauty Lip Lab

As you can see from last week’s posts, we are kind of makeup addicts. So when heard about the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in SoHo we HAD to check it out! In case you aren’t familiar with the lip lab, it’s a store in Soho where you can create your own custom lipstick shade (they also carry all of their products in the store). Though walk in appointments are available, we saw about 5 people who were turned away because they hadn’t made appointments — and we were the first appointment of the day! So I would say you should make an appointment in advance.

Since we were the first appointment, we had a couple of minutes to look around the store and get inspiration for our lipstick colors.


 Look at all the pretty pigments! (they call them “chocolates”)


Who would think that navy blue, black and yellow pigment would be needed for pink, red and nude lipstick?

IMG_4867 To start off you pick some of the pigments that you like, along with telling your “lip lab artist” what color, how light and what finish (sheer, matter or glossy) you want your lipstick to be. Then, the artist works his or her magic and creates your own custom color. Both me and Sophie chose to have two completely different colors made and then choose between them — that’s another awesome thing about the lip lab, they don’t bat an eye when you realize the color they just made is not what you want.


My lip “sheet”. I was deciding between a vibrant neon red with a hint of peach and a sheer berry red.


Sophie’s lip sheet. She was deciding between a sheer berry, a orangey peach and a pinky nude.


Then it was time to choose our scent. We both went with vanilla but Sophie added a hint of mint too. Don’t all the fresh fruits look so pretty!


Then it was time to melt and pour the lipsticks.

We waited for about 15 minutes until the lipstick set and chatted with the artists.

And then we were done!

Sophie’s Lipstick:

IMG_4882 IMG_4880 IMG_4959

Sophie’s lipstick is a pinky nude that is a sheer finish with a vanilla mint scent.

My Lipstick:

IMG_4878 IMG_4877IMG_4910

My lipstick is an extra sheer finish red that has a pink undertone with a vanilla scent.

Overall we LOVED this experience and would rate it 10 out of 10 stars!


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