Valentines Day DIY – Washi Tape Stickers!



I hope everyone is having a good Friday!

I have a quick DIY that is super versatile (definitely not just for Valentines Day!)

Why not just buy stickers???

a) you can totally customize washi tape stickers

b) washi tape is easily removable — you can stick it anywhere and it will come off easily!


1. Parchment paper

2. Sharpie

3. Washi tape

4. Scissors


1. Draw your shape with sharpie ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE PARCHMENT PAPER FROM THE SIDE YOU WILL STICK YOUR TAPE ON (otherwise the ink will transfer onto the tape)

2. lay tape strips down on the side of the sheet that you didn’t draw on


3. once the area that is drawn on is fully covered, cut the designs out


4. peel the design off and stick it anywhere you want!

You can also use a hole punch to make a bunch of tiny dots like I did for the light switch here:IMG_4974

Thanks for reading!


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