Packing Tips for a Long Weekend Getaway!



I recently went on a quick trip to Florida over the past long weekend and I was reminded how hard it is to pack for short trips. Over the many trips I have taken, I have acquired a few tips to make packing easier, including some that I have shared below.

1. Packing Cubes/Bags


Do you ever get to your hotel for a short trip and find you can’t bring yourself to unpack? I know the feeling well. I love these packing cubes by Eagle Creek because they act like drawers when you are too lazy or don’t want to waste your vacation time unpacking, but they also keep all of your clothing accessible in your bag.

2. A Good Duffel Bag


My Le Sportsac Duffel is constantly being used! I usually don’t get to unpack it between uses because I use it so frequently (of course that’s probably more about my procrastination issues…). If you get this same bag, which I highly recommend I would suggest going to a Le Sportsac store, because they have so many more patterns and colors than online.

3. Carry on Essentials


I don’t know about anyone else, but wherever I go, my carry on bag stays basically the same. I bring my IPad (and charger) to read and watch movies, my headphones so I can listen to music and watch the tv set on the airplane (I am totally guilty of watching HGTV for the entire plane ride!), a lipbalm because the plane air is so dry, a headband so I can pull my hair out of my face and sunglasses (okay so these are more for when I Iand, but it always takes me forever to find them if I put them in my duffel, and I always want them as soon as I get to my destination so I can go to the pool, beach or just enjoy the warm weather from the balcony).

Hope this helped!




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