Study Tips for Exams and Tests

IMG_7304 In my last post I talked about how exited I was for spring. Though I can’t wait for spring, Sophie and I have to get through Final exams for the winter term first :(. So here are my top studying tips to make studying bearable and to make all that time you put in pay off. ***NOTE from now on we will be posting every Monday and Thursday

1. Make a Schedule.

My school gives us a lot of unstructured time and days off to study for exams and considering how I can turn a quick “study break” into 6 hours on YouTube I need to be held accountable for every minute of the day. At first, it felt really unproductive to take an hour out of my free time to schedule my study breaks for tomorrow, but then I realized this was one thing I could do just as efficiently while watching Dance Moms, which made it a win-win — I use my time efficiently, and then with the time I save I can watch some TV while I make a schedule for the next day.

2. Make Sure You Have a Clutter-Free Workspace

I may or may not have a problem with what I call “productive procrastination”. It’s when I organize my desk or pick out the next day’s outfit instead of studying for a test. My new years resolution this year was to keep my desk surface completely clear every night and it has done wonders for my studying habits. If you can’t manage to keep your desk clear, at least try to keep the paper stack to a minimum (you know what I’m talking about) and try to hoard display fewer trinkets on your desk.

3. Keep Yourself Motivated Do

whatever works for you. For me, its going to Staples and splurging for new pens or notebooks. I love this idea of getting a gummy bear for each paragraph you read (#5). The important thing is to not over indulge yourself. DON’T let yourself watch 3 hours of gossip girl the night before an exam. Instead, give yourself a break to have some dessert in between two topics. Hope these helped! XOXO Zoe


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