Packing for Spring Break Favorites


For my two weeks of spring break I am first staying in Val D’Isere, France, and then for the second week, Florida. Val D’Isere it is stationed extremely high in the icy mountains and is known best for its incredible skiing and snowy landscapes. This means I will be skiing in very low temperatures before leaving for the warm beaches of Florida AND I HAVE NO PACKING TIME IN-BETWEEN. So… I am going to have to pack my clothes for both warm and cold weather in the same suitcase. For this post I put together my favorites that can be worn in icy temperatures and in the burning sun.

1) Block Printed Cotton Tunic — Calypso St. Barth


I really like the fact that I can wear this shirt as both a cover-up and everyday shirt. I absolutely love the blue and green pattern and the embellished collar means I can wear it for fancier occasions with a simple skirt.

2) Chloe Miami Mint Bikini — Triangl


Aside from skiing, my favorite activity in Val D’Isere is swimming in the MOST AMAZING pools located in the town. I have been lusting after this bikini or a while and recently decided to buy it particularly for spring break. Mint green is one of my favorite colors and one of the main reasons I absolutely love this bikini. This swimsuit is purchased with an adorable matching neoprene bag that can be used to carry poolside accessories.

3) Gold Flip-Flops — Tkees


I love Tkees shoes so much, they are now the only brand I buy my flip-flops from. Although they at first seem a little heavier than normal flip-flops, I actually have gotten used to the weight and even prefer it to lighter sandals. These flip-flops in particular are perfect for my light-packing vacation because they can be worn to the pool and the faded gold is what makes these shoes able to be worn to dressier occasions.

4) Vegan Leather Skater Skirt — Abercrombie


On vacation, I usually wear this skirt to dinners or fancier occasions and I love to wear it with patterned shirts or crop tops. Sadly, this skirt is no longer available but I have found a similar one here at H&M.

5) Indigo Blue Cashmere Hoodie — Ralph Lauren


Anybody who knows me can tell you that I wear this hoodie all the time. It is incredibly soft and the faded navy color works with almost any outfit. It is extremely warm and comfortable but can be tied around my waist in the scorching Floridian sun.

6) Navy Stripe Gold Bottom Monogrammed Tote Bag — West Elm                                                image6image7

I actually received this tote bag as a Christmas present and have been using it VERY often. I absolutely love the combination of navy, white, and gold and this bag is also roomy and the perfect size for weekend trips. For spring break, it can be used to carry around both ski items and beach accessories (such as towels and flip-flops). Even though this tote is relatively expensive, I would recommend it as the perfect gift for anybody who travels over the weekend.



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