My Beach/Pool Essentials

IMG_7449For spring break 2015 I am in sunny Florida and the majority of my time is spent at the pool and beach. These are some things I can’t live without.


1. A Comfy Coverup — I love bikinis as much as the next person, but of course I need to have something to slip on for when I go to grab a snack or take a walk. My style is really casual so I prefer a fitted tee to a more dressy style. I love this Forever 21 top because it has a beachy anchor motif.

2. A Sheer-Nude Nail Polish — There is nothing that makes me feel like I’m on vacation more than freshly manicured nails. Of course, nail polish has to chip and I like to have a less noticeable color because I’m usually too busy relaxing to touch it up. Essie Figi is my absolute favorite.

3. Cute Sunglasses — Besides of course protecting my eyes from the sun, sunglasses are a great accessory. I think good sunglasses are definitely worthy of a splurge because they can be worn forever if you take care of them.

4. An IPhone Battery Case —  I DEFINITELY had hesitations about spending this much on a case (especially one that was so bulky). But, it has made my trip so far. I love to take pictures and look on social media, and since I spend so much time on my phone when I’m by the pool I decided to splurge. So far I’m loving how I don’t have to worry about my battery. I also love the blue and white color scheme of this case.

Hope this helped!




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