DIY Tumblr Inspired Wall Decor

IMG_7935 2


When spring break came to an end, I found myself once again spending countless hours sitting at my desk. My desk was basically a white, blank space and it really wasn’t a happy or inviting place to work. This weekend, I made all of these decorations with items i already had in my house, inspired by the mint and pink color scheme I have been seeing on tumblr frequently, along with brown and gold accents.

Here are the three projects I did to make this space my own.

1) Printable Triangle Banner

You Will Need:




A Printer


Pennant Printable Document (below)


First, I would like to say this template is NOT mine. I simply resized it and added the colors. Credits for the template go to Flairy Tales.

The first thing you will need to do is download this document and print out the desired number of triangles (for reference, the base of each triangle is about the size of a trident gum pack)

Then assemble the banner as shown below:

BeFunky Collage

2) Tumblr Collage


You will need:

Non-Corrugated Cardboard

mintandpinkpics (the images that i used for my collage) along with any other pictures you would like


This DIY is super simple, all you have to do is cut out the pictures and glue it on non corrugated cardboard (the thin cardboard that is used for notebooks and other household items). Of course you can decorate it with washi tape or stickers, but I went for a more minimalistic look.

3) Post-It Weekly Calendar


This last DIY is really simple again. Just cut your mint/blue post its so only the sticky part is left and then stick the white post its under them (cut them in half for the weekends) like this:


Then fill in with a bright pink pen!

Lastly, for the center, I took some pastel magnets and put some chalk in a magnetic container since it is naturally pastel.


Thanks for reading!




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