Spring Outfit inspiration!

IMG_0168 I am SO exited for spring. I can’t wait for the warm weather and all of the pretty flowers. Another reason I love spring is the clothing. Along with the pretty pastels that are in season, you can really wear any type of clothing, from jeans to tank tops to sweaters to shorts. These things make spring my favorite season to shop for! So here are some of my picks for spring 2015 — simply click on the photo in order to be linked to where you can buy the item.


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Pops of Color

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Shoes and Accessories

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Packing Tips for a Long Weekend Getaway!



I recently went on a quick trip to Florida over the past long weekend and I was reminded how hard it is to pack for short trips. Over the many trips I have taken, I have acquired a few tips to make packing easier, including some that I have shared below.

1. Packing Cubes/Bags


Do you ever get to your hotel for a short trip and find you can’t bring yourself to unpack? I know the feeling well. I love these packing cubes by Eagle Creek because they act like drawers when you are too lazy or don’t want to waste your vacation time unpacking, but they also keep all of your clothing accessible in your bag.

2. A Good Duffel Bag


My Le Sportsac Duffel is constantly being used! I usually don’t get to unpack it between uses because I use it so frequently (of course that’s probably more about my procrastination issues…). If you get this same bag, which I highly recommend I would suggest going to a Le Sportsac store, because they have so many more patterns and colors than online.

3. Carry on Essentials


I don’t know about anyone else, but wherever I go, my carry on bag stays basically the same. I bring my IPad (and charger) to read and watch movies, my headphones so I can listen to music and watch the tv set on the airplane (I am totally guilty of watching HGTV for the entire plane ride!), a lipbalm because the plane air is so dry, a headband so I can pull my hair out of my face and sunglasses (okay so these are more for when I Iand, but it always takes me forever to find them if I put them in my duffel, and I always want them as soon as I get to my destination so I can go to the pool, beach or just enjoy the warm weather from the balcony).

Hope this helped!



My Makeup Essentials — Sophie

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 8.47.28 PM

Although I don’t own a large amount of makeup, I still absolutely love doing and experimenting with makeup. I pretty much own the basics, which I love to splurge on.

These are my essentials:

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 8.46.49 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-06 at 8.46.27 PM

  1. Bon Voyage Collector’s Set Eyeshadow Palette— Tarte

This eyeshadow palette is essential for evening and dressier occasions. I love the gorgeous combination of light shimmers and rich, heavy colors. I can even channel my inner Cleopatra with the purples and dark shimmery green. Sadly, this palette was a limited edition and can only be found on Amazon (but I highly recommend it!)

  1. Nail Lacquer in Slapper Truly Teal— butter LONDON

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Butter London nail polish. It is amazing quality and totally worth the money. It has an extremely smooth and silky application and the vivid colors are beautiful. This bright teal in particular also is my favorite nail polish in the summer and looks amazing next to a glowing tan.

  1. Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer— Too Faced

I was a little skeptical when I first purchased this bronzer because of the pale, shimmery colors. I then realized that it worked as both a luminizer and bronzer. Being the middle of February, it gives my cheekbones a warm, wintery glow.

  1. Custom Lipstick — Bite

This is pretty much the only lipstick I ever use. If you have read the post, you may know that Zoe and I actually created these pigments ourselves in the Bite Beauty Lip Lab. I made a light, pinky nude color that smells like vanilla mint. I love it because it looks gorgeous sheer, but it also can be layered on for a bolder lip color.

  1. Radiant Touch Concealer in Luminous Almond — Yves Saint Laurent

Honestly, I don’t use concealer very much and don’t have much experience with it. This concealer takes away my dark circles and blends perfectly, it also highlights my eyes and brings more attention to them.

  1. Gold Brush

Sadly, I am unsure what brand this brush is from, but I use it for a variety of things, including blush, bronzer, luminizer, and powder.

  1. The Pore-Fessional — Benefit

I LOVE THIS PRIMER. I usually know primers as gloopy and uncomfortable on my skin but this one is light and velvety. It not only masks my pores but also makes the colors of my makeup more intense and vivid.

  1. Le Prisme Powder Blush in Vogue Orange — Givenchy

I am not a big fan of shimmery blushes, so it helps that this one is matte. The color is a pinkish peach and gives a nice, subtle flush to my cheeks. However, it is VERY pigmented and I have to be careful to not overuse the blush (or I end up looking like a clown).

  1. Nail Lacquer in The Full Monty — butter LONDON

Just because I love Butter London so much I had to add a second nail polish. The color is gorgeous, a muted gold without much sparkle, perfect for casual occasions.

  1. Mint Julep Lip Butter

Lip balms and butters are absolutely essential for me in the winter. I am always seen carrying one and this one is my absolute favorite. It smells amazing and the container is tiny and adorable.

  1. Behind the Scenes Eyeshadow Primer — Lorac

I don’t use this item very often, I really only use it for vibrant or sparkly eyeshadow colors. It is the only eyeshadow primer I own, but it is extremely lightweight and easy to apply and remove.

  1. Eyeshadow in Goldmine — M.A.C.

This eyeshadow is only used for special or dressy occasions. It is a brilliant gold that I use with other matte neutrals and browns.

  1. Bad Gal Waterproof Mascara — Benefit

I have owned this mascara for a reeaallyy long time and it is pretty much the only one I use. It glides on very easily and stays put for a long time, which is very important for me. My only complaint would be that it takes a while to remove.

  1. Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Blacquer— Marc Jacobs

I am VERY picky about my eyeliners but this one just stood out to me. It is long-lasting and I will guarantee that it is smudge free. This color in particular is black and creamy and is extremely easy to apply.

Thanks so much for reading!

Tell me what YOUR essentials are in the comments, along with any ideas for posts, and feedback


Valentines Day DIY – Washi Tape Stickers!



I hope everyone is having a good Friday!

I have a quick DIY that is super versatile (definitely not just for Valentines Day!)

Why not just buy stickers???

a) you can totally customize washi tape stickers

b) washi tape is easily removable — you can stick it anywhere and it will come off easily!


1. Parchment paper

2. Sharpie

3. Washi tape

4. Scissors


1. Draw your shape with sharpie ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE PARCHMENT PAPER FROM THE SIDE YOU WILL STICK YOUR TAPE ON (otherwise the ink will transfer onto the tape)

2. lay tape strips down on the side of the sheet that you didn’t draw on


3. once the area that is drawn on is fully covered, cut the designs out


4. peel the design off and stick it anywhere you want!

You can also use a hole punch to make a bunch of tiny dots like I did for the light switch here:IMG_4974

Thanks for reading!

RG in NYC: Bite Beauty Lip Lab

As you can see from last week’s posts, we are kind of makeup addicts. So when heard about the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in SoHo we HAD to check it out! In case you aren’t familiar with the lip lab, it’s a store in Soho where you can create your own custom lipstick shade (they also carry all of their products in the store). Though walk in appointments are available, we saw about 5 people who were turned away because they hadn’t made appointments — and we were the first appointment of the day! So I would say you should make an appointment in advance.

Since we were the first appointment, we had a couple of minutes to look around the store and get inspiration for our lipstick colors.


 Look at all the pretty pigments! (they call them “chocolates”)


Who would think that navy blue, black and yellow pigment would be needed for pink, red and nude lipstick?

IMG_4867 To start off you pick some of the pigments that you like, along with telling your “lip lab artist” what color, how light and what finish (sheer, matter or glossy) you want your lipstick to be. Then, the artist works his or her magic and creates your own custom color. Both me and Sophie chose to have two completely different colors made and then choose between them — that’s another awesome thing about the lip lab, they don’t bat an eye when you realize the color they just made is not what you want.


My lip “sheet”. I was deciding between a vibrant neon red with a hint of peach and a sheer berry red.


Sophie’s lip sheet. She was deciding between a sheer berry, a orangey peach and a pinky nude.


Then it was time to choose our scent. We both went with vanilla but Sophie added a hint of mint too. Don’t all the fresh fruits look so pretty!


Then it was time to melt and pour the lipsticks.

We waited for about 15 minutes until the lipstick set and chatted with the artists.

And then we were done!

Sophie’s Lipstick:

IMG_4882 IMG_4880 IMG_4959

Sophie’s lipstick is a pinky nude that is a sheer finish with a vanilla mint scent.

My Lipstick:

IMG_4878 IMG_4877IMG_4910

My lipstick is an extra sheer finish red that has a pink undertone with a vanilla scent.

Overall we LOVED this experience and would rate it 10 out of 10 stars!

My Makeup Essentials — Zoe


If you know me, you know I LOVE makeup. People will sometimes accuse me of having too much makeup that I don’t need (which might be a little bit true), but there are some products I absolutely cannot live without.

Here are my essentials:

    MakeupBag                              MakeupBagKey

1.  Naked 3 Palette — Urban Decay

This Palette is my go to for natural, everyday eye looks. It has a rose gold color scheme and all the shadows are beautiful and super pigmented (I pretty much always gravitate towards the 8 lightest colors, but they are all beautiful, I just don’t really love doing smokey eye looks). Also, the brush is double-ended (fluffy on one side, “eyeliner brush” on the other) and it’s super versatile — I love it because if I’m going on vacation I don’t have to worry about packing brushes. I would highly recommend splurging on a Naked palette if you are just getting into makeup, because it has very versatile colors, a basic brush and even comes with 4 Urban Decay Primer Potion Samples (trust me, these will last an extremely long time, because you only need the tiniest amount).

2.   True Match Super Blendable Blush in Baby Blossom — Loreal

This is my favorite blush because it somehow manages to look super natural, yet makes my cheeks stand out just enough. It has a little bit of shimmer (it looks much more sparkly in the package) but it’s not noticeable on the face, except for bringing a bit of light to the cheeks.

3.  Professional Natural Lash Mascara — Cover Girl

For me, this mascara does double duty. This works as clear brow gel that doesn’t make my brows look too stiff, but also works as mascara when I want a natural look and don’t want to worry about smudging black mascara all over my face when I rub my eyes (it also works super well for bottom-lash mascara that doesn’t look weird/super unnatural).

4.   Smoothing and Brightening Concealer — Sephora Collection

This is my basic concealer. What I love about it is that you can layer it from basic to maximal coverage without it looking cakey. I  don’t have super bad undereye circles so this works for me, but I wouldn’t recommend this to people with really bad ones.

5.   Cremesheen Lipstick in Cream Cup — M.A.C.

Though I don’t usually wear lipstick (now that its winter my lips are super dry and lipstick doesn’t exactly hydrate them) I like to have a nice pinky-nude lipstick for special occasions. I love how the lipstick has a bit of shine, but doesn’t necessarily look as “shiny” as lipgloss does.

6.   Hand Sanitizer PocketBac in Vanilla Berry Sorbet — Bath and Body Works

This product is a win-win — no germs for me (or anyone else) and yummy smelling hands!

7.   Oil Free Foundation Primer — Laura Mercier

One of the things that I believe you should splurge on is a good primer — then you can wear drugstore foundation/powder and it will look like its high end. Why this one? NO SMELL. This is such a turn off for me (I didn’t like the Clinique primer for this reason). Also, it has a clean feeling — not thick and gooey.

8.    Sugar Shine Lip Treatment in Clear — Fresh

This looks good on its own or layered to make another color look just a little bit more pink. It smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, almost like sweet flowers, but is also subtle so other people barely notice it.

9.  READY to Go Complexion Perfection Palette — bareMinerals

I’m kinda obsessed with this set — great price for what you’re getting and the pans are GIANT for a kit like this from bareMinerals — I have been using it for 6 months and haven’t even made a dent (besides the concealer). It comes with powder foundation, pressed powder, concealer, the most stunning highlighter, and bronzer. Even though the pans are pretty big, its super travel friendly (I took it out of the case for the photo).

10.  Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cashmere — NYX

Depending on the day/look, this can be a primer, shadow color on its own or and inner corner highlight. It’s super pigmented and buttery.

P.S. This video is simple but amazing (I didn’t even know you could sharpen them! Is it like an obvious thing that I was oblivious to???)

11.   They’re Real Mascara — Benefit

I love this mascara because it is super long and voluminous without being clumpy at all — its title is so accurate because it makes your eyelashes look amazing but still natural!

12. Eyeshadow Primer Potion — Urban Decay

This is a great primer and is totally worth the money — it will last forever! In fact, I must warn you to be careful because it can be very hard to get rid of once you put too much on your eyelid!

Thanks so much for reading!

Tell me what YOUR essentials are, along with any ideas for posts, and feedback